Hi, we are Muntasir & Moin, co-founders of Postpace.

We have been friends since our university days and in the past 10 years, we have launched several SaaS businesses together. We are a founding team with complementary skills of business development & engineering. As founders, we are obsessed with product simplification & customer experience.

We launched our first SaaS product back in 2010, it was an online video editing platform. It was a mild success but we learned a lot about search engine optimization and content marketing. The startup got acquired and we moved on to our next venture.

In 2016, we won the French Tech Ticket competition with our no-code software development platform Pressmattic. It was a game changing moment for us. Our startup was exposed to a whole new market. We quickly identified a new opportunity & pivoted to a SaaS development agency which grew to 20 engineers, 47 developed products and hundred thousands of users. And content marketing played a great role in this process.

Since our first startup, we have learned the value of producing high quality contents and search engine optimization. Content marketing is the least expensive marketing channel which has the highest return of investment. The compound return of content marketing is the most sustainable growth driver for any venture, no matter what niche you are in. Doing it right, anybody can build a sustainable and profitable business in today’s world. And our mission is to help people succeed with content marketing by bringing automation, efficiency & collaboration between writers, bloggers, publishers, marketers & teams.

With postpace, we want to bring order to the chaos and promote productivity. Our initiative towards solving the chaotic tasks of content marketing starts with organising and process development. We want to improve the efficiency of execution with workflow automation and collaboration. And at the end, we want to help you write & publish the best piece of content on your topic which is yet to exist.

Search is increasingly conversational and audience interest has shifted from keyword to intent. Our platform helps you understand the needs of audiences and craft your content accordingly. As founders, we practice the mindset of co-creation and feedback-led product growth. Give postpace a try and join our community to co-create the platform you deserve to succeed in content marketing.

- Muntasir & Moin

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