Save 20 hours every month with AI powered SEO research & optimisation automation.

Researching a writing topic and competing contents manually is hard & time consuming. Postpace automates your hours of topic research in two minutes, helps you create a brief and optimize your content faster & better with AI and workflow automation.

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3 steps to better content for your readers & Google.

Rank higher on Google for your target keyword with well researched contents and AI powered topic and entity optimisation.

Topic research and content brief builder for writers & bloggers

Create a topic report for your target keyword.

Input your keyword in Postpace and in 2 minutes you will receive a detailed report on top ranking contents, outlines, prominent keywords, questions related to topic, outbound url references, word count, readability level, keyword density and more.

You get a full overview of the competing contents and a clear idea about what to write and necessary topics and questions to cover in your article.

So no more skipping topic research, just because it is boring, labour & time intensive work, sucks the soul out crunching data into different tools & you hate spreadsheets. Postpace will automate your whole topic research work.

Topic research and content brief builder for writers & bloggers

Now, create a content brief from the report.

Writing freestyle is a slow process & unproductive. Whether you are writing the content for yourself or working for a client, you always need a content brief with proper instructions on how long it should be, which topics to cover, which questions to answer, which references to use.

Postpace's integrated content brief editor helps you prepare & share a brief fast from topic research reports by covering all important information related to the keyword.

There is no manual copy and pasting, just click on any information from your topic report and it will be added to the brief. Edit and arrange the information and your brief is ready. Postpace automatically adds the optimisation and writing guidelines to each topic report for you or your writers to follow.


Optimise for important terms & entities with AI

Postpace natural language processing module analyses all top 50 competing contents for your target keyword and identifies the most prominent keywords and phrases. It analyses more than 1250 parameters and builds suggestions for you to identify topic gaps and entities to optimise your article and rank higher in Google πŸš€

Topic research and content brief builder for writers & bloggers

All-in-one content writing and optimisation toolset

Organise your content marketing, writing business & blogging with AI powered workflow automation & data driven content optimisation process.

Topic research and content brief builder for writers & bloggers

Study your topic & competitors.

Learn about your topic and competing contents inside out. Postpace breaks down every piece of top 50 competing contents into bite sized information. Learn about your competing contents’ outlines, wordcount, readability level, keyword frequency, image and header tag usage, outbound urls and references used, affinity with related topics and other content metrics in plain understandable format.

Topic research and content brief builder for writers & bloggers

Prepare a content brief super fast.

Content briefs give you a bird eye view of the content you are going to write. Starting with a well researched brief is the most efficient way to produce authoritative content on scale. Postpace content brief editor makes this process comfortably easy. There is no need for repeated copy and paste. Simply click on any information from the report and it will be added to your brief. Edit, arrange and share the brief to move further.

Topic research and content brief builder for writers & bloggers

Optimise for higher Google ranking.

Our AI powered content optimiser helps you to automate the optimisation workflow before publishing your content. It helps you polish your content with guided suggestions before publishing and rank higher on Google search by comparing your content metrics with the competing contents. It analyses more than 1250 parameters and builds suggestions for you to identify topic gaps and entities to optimise your article.

Topic research and content brief builder for writers & bloggers

Organise your content production.

Plan, organise and centralise your content workflows and focus on publishing the best piece of content for your readers and search engine. Postpace content planner helps you plan your content marketing in a collaborative calendar & workspace to manage multiple content projects effortlessly and collaborate with your team members and writers to achieve your content publishing goals.

Topic research and content brief builder for writers & bloggers

Improve your published contents.

Content audit helps you identify your opportunities of improvements and rank higher in Google for your published contents. Postpace content audit module fetches top 50 organic results, featured widgets and vital content metrics for your target keyword and generates an in-depth analysis. This analysis is then translated into ideal content metrics with the help of AI and big data to help you identify your scope of improvements.

Create & optimise contents in your native language.

Postpace is fully compatible with contents in 14 different languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.


Designed for writers, seo experts, bloggers & teams.

Postpace is designed for every role in a content marketing team. Whether you are a seo expert, writer, marketer or editor, Postpace will make you more productive.

SEO experts

Rank on top for your keyword on Google with well researched contents and AI powered topic and entity optimisation. Build authority & drive more organic traffic.

Freelance writers

Study any topic faster and stay on the same page with your customers with content briefs to avoid disputes. Improve & deliver more content to build customer loyalty.

Professional bloggers

Rank higher with authoritative contents and publish more often by eliminating manual works. Adapt workflow automation and focus on growing your thriving business.

Content publishers

Collaborate with your writers with specific content requirements and accelerate your publishing process. Automate the boring tasks & improve your campaign efficiency.

Affiliate marketers

Send your writers specific content requirements for target keywords and improve your publishing process. Build authority & generate more sales.

Content agencies

Keep your customers and writers on the same page with content briefs & optimiser to avoid disputes and improve customer loyalty, sales & retention rate.

From aspiring writers to content agencies and marketers from global multinational brands, everyone turns to Postpace to automate their content workflow.

It is a tool that is always agile. It has all the condiments to prepare a first class article. It takes you step by step through all the essential aspects of organic positioning. The best is yet to come. The updates are getting better and better, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Alexis L.

CEO of Growuz

Best tool (that I know of) to create quality SEO optimized content. I can now create content better using the keywords that I want. I can also spy on my competitors in real time. Not buggy for an intermediate version of the software. So overall I like Postpace.

Catalin N.

Web Designer & Blogger

The content planner of this tool has been very helpful to us with our content briefs making it so easier to write content for our websites and blogs. New features are constantly being added to the software. The UI is also simple and easy to use.

Jean Bertin C.

Data Analyst, Coach and Trainer

A great tool for anyone looking to speed up their content creation & optimisation. Postpace does what it claims to do and does it well. Postpace is my primary tool for researching a topic & creating content briefs.

Zach K.

Digital Marketer

The easiest way to start your blog or article content for SEO and Google. I am super happy with the direction and the ease of communication with support and the team. This is definitely a software tool I recommend to my digital agency friends.

Joseph Kahn

Director of Client Marketing

I am not a natural writer, and getting started on a new blog post can be somewhat challenging. Postpace provides the "starter" I need to get my creativity going. It's really easy to get going by choosing a keyword or topic and a really nifty part of the tool is the content brief editor.

Jez J.

Managing Director

In my opinion, it is really great. Using it has made it a lot simpler for me, as it keeps information in a single location and has positively impacted how I create blog posts and how I lay out my blog posts using the tool.

Paula D.

Career Coach

I'm so glad that I discovered Postpace. It's really a game changer for my content writing. I have used the platform for a few months. I am very thankful that it exists. It helps me create high-quality articles quickly without having to worry about what I'm writing not being relevant

Marcell C.

Digital Marketing Specialist

This is one of the best tools I've found in its class. Good SEO tool that helps you research and write posts that rank high in SEO. Easy to use and powerful.

Darryl D.

Book Author

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Perfect for growing blogs, affiliate marketers & small teams.

  • 30 topic reports per month
  • 30 content outlines per month
  • 30 content projects per month
  • Unlimited user seats

Perfect for content agencies, marketing teams & seo experts.

  • 100 topic reports per month
  • 100 content outlines per month
  • 100 content projects per month
  • Unlimited user seats

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